12/13/00: I think that the novelty of bars has pretty much worn off on me. I've gone through this very weird phase in my life (probably but greatfully brought on by Jacqueline) where bars stopped being interesting to me. The whole idea of going out to a packed and crowded bar to barely be able to talk to somebody and pay extremely high prices for a drink doesn't interest me. Now, I really enjoy going out for coffee. Conversation beats intoxication any day of the week.

09/17/00: It has come to my attention that somebody who didn't know me who was visiting my web page wouldn't learn a damn thing about me. To help out these people (whose numbers probably rank under the tens), I'll make this into something more than it used to be. =)

My name is Michael Lagace, and it's pronounced either Lay-gah-see or La-gah-say. Not Le-gase or La-gas-y. It's also not spelled Legace, Legece, Lagece, Legacy, or anything else except Lagace. My name is shortened from the old french name "Lagace-de-Menier."

I was born October 12, 1980. I currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta, because I am attending the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in the field of Graphic Communications.

My favorite beverages are iced tea, root beer, and good old water.

My favorite alcoholic beverages are Bacardi Spice & Coke, Vodka Slime, vodka Paralyzer, Monkey's Lunch, and Candy Apples. I recently tried those Smirnoff Ice drinks... they were terrible and I don't recommend them to anybody. If I wanted watered down vodka, I'd water down some vodka.

I play guitar. I'm not a musician. My favorite guitar player ever is Tom Morello, from Rage Against The Machine.

Despite the pictures in my gallery, I'm not really marriend to Britney Spears.

Oh, I'm 6'0" and 150 lbs. I go to the weight room at school as reguarily as humanly possible and I eat as often as I can without vomiting, but I can't seem to put on any weight. Go figure.

I have brown hair, blue eyes, and I love frisbee.

I also try not to buy any more shirts or clothing that have visible logos on them. (Why pay somebody to advertise for them??)