My Internet Life

There are two Michael Lagaces. Well, I'm sure there are more throughout the world, but as to my own personas, there are two of me. One is the me people see when I'm out in the world, and the other is the me people can only visit through cables and electrons.

On this page I will give you more information on how to develop your own second personality, how to form it into something that's not creepy and weird, and the things you'll need.

Essential Hardware

First of all, you'll need a computer. Though pretending you have one can be fun sometimes, you'll need a real computer. I suggest an iMac... something good, too. Get the Ruby or Snow iMacs if you can afford one. If you can't afford quality, go get a PC. It doesn't matter, any computer can be used to create your new life.

Naturally, you also need the things that come with a computer, such as a mouse and a keyboard. This concludes the "no shit" portion of this page.

Essential Software

Got a Macintosh computer? You'll need IRCle. If you don't want to register the program, you can find some cracked copies around some place if you look hard enough, or you can just find a copy of Surfer's Serials.

Got Windows? You'll need mIRC. I've used this program for a few years, and I do like it more than IRCle. It's much more useable.


I prefer DALnet. So in order to connect to the DALnet server, you need to type /server This will connect you to the fastest DALnet server. There are other servers, such as NewNet, EFNet, et cetera, but DALnet is the one I use.


The rooms I frequent the most are #Edmonton, #Breela, and #Apple. To get to a room, you can either type /join #[Channel] or you can list all available channels by typing /list.


Now that all that is out of the way for all you unenlightened people out there, I can now discuss other things.

My IRC nickname is iMike- or anything derived from that, such as iMike-iAway, iMike-iWorking, iMike-iCooking, et cetera.

I will tell you the names of some of the more interesting people that I chat with either frequently or occasionally, under the premise that you don't talk to them just because I do. I'm sure they won't like that.

Breela is my most favorite person in all the world.
Krewlchic listens. Or reads, whatever you prefer to say.
raig is a nice chap. If you have anything interesting to say, he'll listen. If you're full of boring shit, he won't, although he does patronize me a lot of the time. =)
Reddogs is also fun. If you need someone to talk to just to get acquainted with how IRC works, he's the guy that I used.
RVDam is fun to talk to as well. He usually has something interesting to say, and when he doesn't, he'll just sit there and read if you do have anything to say.
Sassy-Ass is fun, funny, and funtastic. And everything in-between.
WiseGoat is a jolly fellow too. If you want to have a debate, just say you're religious.