Are You Pretty Today?

My baby says she's always wrong
Baby thinks she don't belong
I said "I love you honey"
But my baby says her beauty's gone

You're so nice you've got me upset
Ain't never been this obsessed
You've gotta believe me baby
I can love some if you love the rest

And oh I think you're great
So tell me darling:
Are you pretty today?

I want you to love you like I do
Can't you see I speak the truth?
You're the best damn girl in the world
I only want to be with you

(Repeat Chorus)

And oh I think you're great
But sometimes I can't say it
I want to see you through the day
I want to meet you at the gates

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby you're a maze
Are you pretty today?

Written December, 1999