At Your Hatred's Cost

I'm stalling now to avoid my fate
I'm falling down from somebody's pain
I've left my ego way behind me again
If I stay true, what do I gain?

I cried on the stars with stars in my tears
Found my voice after finding my name
Live it out and youíll find love
Dying now just ainít the same

(Chorus) You don't know it yet but you've already lost
All your fears and hurt at your hatred's cost
And the world is doomed by only our thoughts
We can improve at your hatred's cost

I hear you say what I needed to hear
But it's too late 'cause I had no ears
Our trains of thought are in the wrong gear
Ships of change have left the pier

With some peace of mind we could live in peace
But all this war really gets to me
We're born so old even in our youth
And why seperate into groups?

Written October, 1998