Oh hell no, and oh hell yeah
I want to get back to Cumberland
With a 55 Chevy and a knock at the door
At the 24/7 Emergency Ward

They got a gun in their one hand,
Candy in the other:
20000 Elvis fans and none is my brother

Gentle genitalia
What the hell's that mean?
Baby Boomin' Dylan croonin'
Calvin Klein jeans

Little Willy hill billy,
Red maple leaves on white
Brosnan, Dalton, Sean,
Moore and Georgie hangin' tight

A gunshot, a back pack
A fraud silent soundtrack
Old school Big Mac
To play Mole-A-Whack

Anderson cherry cola Cory Nadine flavour
Ford flying high stole a BMW
I got 20/20 vision shooting .44 shells
Gixtasy fantasy a day to day hell

Illskay illerskay, hoochie coochie coo
I married LeAnn Rimes now I'm blue-oo-oo-oo

Iggy, Jay, and Gloria
Under a stupid tree
Better hope it's raining
'Cause that umbrella ain't free

No future at the Mc's
With a murder at 6
"Do ya play gee-tar?"
"Sure I know a few licks"

Similarily though
I come from Puerto Rico
Barker with the Plinko
"Eh Mario! Fix da sink-o!"

Party Coalition
Liquor prohibition
Man on a mission
Under suspicion

Commie Karl Marx
Iron Tony Starks
Bailey at the finish
While the rest is at the starts

Omega, mu, and pi
Bunch of govvy lies
Tell 'em you ain't hearin'
Nothing from these guys

Cruise my eenie meenie lamborghini
With the headlights on high
Jesus, Ghandi, Satriani
My oh my

Mr Gone has tame isz
Ask me what my name is
Call you ignoramous
Don't you know I'm famous?

Mary's little Lamb's
With my pal Silent Sam
30 slow mo's
To show off Van Damme

Yale, Harvard, Oxford
Bathe with Muddy Waters
Dancing with a wolf
Just like Kevin Costner

Jhonen Vasquez
Knows k.d. is a lez
"Holy Crap Batman!
You's is Adam West!"

Wright next to their gliders
Witches with their ciders
Never liked the 'Berries
But I don't mind the 'Fighters

Capullo, Morello, Campbell, and Moore
Ain't nobody knocking Madureira on the floor

So help me God
If I steal some words from De La Rocha
Nothing stops the Zacky
And his message sure ta smoke ya

Clapton looked away
His tears in heaven were cocaine
Milk it, Floyd
Your teen spirit is Cobain

Slow Draw McGraw is a force to be reckoned
Slow it down some more
Stacey Fuson and me's neckin'
And if you talk to Stacey
Tell her I wanna hook up
Ms. February '99 gimme a look up

Will play this on the FM
Get yer jiggy lesson
You damn dirty apes
Get yer paws off Charlie Heston

Gabbo beat the Klown
hanks falling off the ground
It'll take Cher & Stone
If you wanna play me down

I loved King Lear
I love Britney Spears
Copperfield is cool
But it's all smoke and mirrors

Travolta is a White Man
And Cage is a fine man
But Kimmel has a quick wit
And Ronald is a fry man

Williams was a great Patch
James is a cool Kratch
Listen up Nat Portman:
Don't you think I'd be a fine catch?

BSB be jumpin'
LB be a thumpin'
Milano, my God
I'd like to give her sumpin'

SMG is fly
I'd love to be her guy
Love Hewitt sure can do it
Oh my my

I write this whenever inspired... it's just a bunch of random thoughts that run through my non-stop mind.