Doing Nothing Yet

Anytime, any way and how
You make the arrow look up to me
You move the Earth up and down
You pull the stars into the sea

I hope you heard my voice
Somehow I think you can
This is something I believe
I'm better than him, I am

If you don't want to be here
I don't want to make you stay
Anytime I see your tears
I can't seem to change your fate
So leave me with my fear
I always unlocked the gate
And you don't want to be here
And I can't make you stay

You could make my life
With every breath you take
And I could let you into my life
Because with you I feel so great
A child's fare and a child's fee
A child yearns and cries for thee
I would burn all my insides
As I yearn and cry for thee

(Repeat Chorus)

He's only got one thing I don't
But what he's got I've never known
But what he's got I know I need
He's not good enough to see

Written March, 1998