Incomplete Songs

For obvious reasons, songs on this page are abandoned or just not yet ready for further attention. You still can't steal them though.

Everything has come to this
Baby soon you'll see
You were meant for me

All the winds have blown
Every song's been sung
Everything has gone wrong baby
Every hangman hung

Everything has come to this
Baby soon you'll se
You were meant for me

All the houses built
All the houses burned
Every light has cast its shadow
Every lesson learned

Every curtain closed
Everyone is going
The show's been over for awhile now
So why are you alone?

Everything has come to this
Baby now you'll see
You were meant for me

Return to me my darling
Return to me my dear
Nothing left in this place for me
Nothing left for me here

I can see your eyes so open wide You taste so nice I could have died I see you grinning with false visions in me The world is spinning but I can track you down Oh... Around the world in your eyes I see You and me so silently I will find you... Were we together before I could not say The trip was great to hour forty-eight I hold you close with your hand in mine It's so nice... about you
Walking around with his purse Where he keeps shirtless Kirk And his earring it sure shines He says, "I didn't buy this hat I got it from my dad." I just decided to think that I'll confide in you And I went up to a stranger that I never even knew And I said, "my friend Danny is so in love with you." His new black hoodie is too tight But he says that it's just right Tell me it's all right But he'll like you lots that's true And he likes anything you do I just decided to think that I'll confide in you And I went up to a stranger that I never even knew And I said, "my friend Danny is so in love with you." He'll follow you around When he dresses like a clown Oh oh oh There's something to be said For the things you could not say And you know what I think I think Danny's... a-okay. (In a purely heterosexual way)
You are the girl I knew before And you are me I am the guy you knew before And I am you And when I look into your eyes I see everything that's good and I Want you close And that's okay And that's just great I'm alive now with my babe We're together now You can make me girl and you can rock my world Without you I would die I'm sure You're my life
I love you baby and I know you love me too I need you honey and I know you need me too I want you badle and I know you want me too I want to hold you and I know you want me to And I want to love you right And I want to love you tonight And if I don't get my way babe I don't know what the Hell I'll do 'Cause I need you Woah, I need you
She stops, turns around, and asks me, "Why is my brain so fucked up from this cocaine? Why is my vein so fucked up from this heroine?"
I hope I'm making you proud dad The years gone cold and the cold gone colder
I've been taken and drained Everything is nothing Bullets to my brain And everything is unmade There's nothing to say Everything's gone crazy No one's stayed sane Bullets to my brain And when every single song has been sung You can lead me to water But you can't make me drink Nothing makes sense Living this Hell again Keeping the suspense I guess it all depends
And a brown-haired boy Meets a brown-haired girl And you know it won't work out right 'Cause the brown-haired boy Is nobody's toy And brown-haired girls stay up all night
You're so vain and bawdy Torso, veins, and body You're from some today now I dunno what to say now
Girl I don't know who you think you are But I ain't going back to you again Don't wanna see you no more And Hell no you can never be my friend
You don't know about the things you do Maybe some day you'll see it's nothing new But the girl I knew she's gone away So I'm leaving with this to say... Girl I never thought it'd be so hard But it is by far Losing you Oh this is like a dream A very bad dream Without you Girl I'm gonna have to kill you After you break my heart Like you always do But I don't give a damm If I'm not your man You're only you
Now is the time, get your mind Put one in the chamber of your nine Yell what you say, do not delay Or you end up breathing like a D.O.A. Everything is grey Kick up a storm, you know they perform Say "fuck 'em" you don't wanna conform Ain't the first and it ain't the last End up screwed like the fools of the past Make it fast Constitutions won't save you from the blast There ain't no justice, no legal/peaceful route Because we motherfuckin' know that it is deaf and mute Do not salute The power thieves in their robes, their greed grows Minds closed, superimposed, and it shows That's how it goes And it won't change with political mind frames We need new players in this game Leaders without C.I.A. funds, with hearts and not clubs And when shit goes down then we raise the guns
Through the cables he says to me He says "You'll be a star" But I don't know too much about that, no And when he's lost in his dreams You can't bring him back Oh no He says he's all right but he ain't His mind's doing a million in a fifty-five lane I say to him "I've never known anyone so afraid of himself. Stay calm, stay cool, and let the good times roll."
Never knew it could be so real Love is, it's a thing I feel I know and now I want you back These memories have got my mind off track I think back to everything I did Back to how we used to live Sorry to have ever made you mad You were the best thing I've ever had Let's go back to how it was before To how it is no more To how it was when we were together There's stuff that I want to tell you But I can't tell the truth Oh how I want you to be with me yeah
It was the best of times It was the worst of times And I never quite knew just how much I cared about you Now I can't live without you I want you to know That where ever I go I always stop and think how miserable I'd be Without you (Now I care about you
I'm an applied mathematician I'm going to add me to your life Subtract your current boyfriend And then we'll multiply I'm a history majour My timeline is outta site I'll discover your territory And conquer you tonight I'm in political science I'll coup your government And the best lying I do Is when I'm lying in bed with you
"He broke my heart," she said "What good is your heart," I said "If you never use it in the first place?" "He's an asshole," I said "No, he's different," you said But goddam all your boyfriends are the same Follow your heart and the rest will come through You're stuck on him like a bad tattoo yeah If you never change the problem you get the same results He's good to you like pins and needles
"Run to me, my child," she cries The crimson soaks the floor in the morning And the wound speaks between her eyes She eludes Death but is weak And the hunter screams like a maniac whore And the child remains asleep "Speak soft," thinks the stranger she hates "You've not enough strength to run through you now" And her eyes grow closed again Her hands pale to blue The stranger falls down inside her The think together, "I am you"
I can't count on you when it counts the most And I can't stand the path you chose A friend one second and then my foe There's nothing to say so please just go