It Rains

I woke up this morning alone again
Rolled over to where you used to sleep
Can't forget that I missed you last night
Walked past my window, it rained last night
But I like it when it rains

(Chorus) And I call out your name
But I donít hear anything
And I miss your face
And your eyes when you looked at me
And I dream of your kiss
And that youíd told me that youíd loved me
And I hate to be
The reason that you cry
And I love the way
Your eyes widen when you smile
And I want to
Hold you underneath the velvet sky
And I like it when it rains

I walked to you this morning flowers in hand
With a newspaper to cover my head
But the rain makes the ink so hard to read
That we forget the bad news any how
That's why I like it when it rains

(Repeat chorus)

I'm standing in the rain now
You caused me all this pain, oh I
Want to hear your voices
And it's raining roses

Written August, 1998