Last Man Standing

I just want to fall for you
Bathe you with my open fears
You could make me cry stars
I could take away your tears
I look out across this world
And nothing is what I hear
I'm gonna start the wars
And kill pioneers

(Chorus) I'm the last man standing around me
Cables become our vitamins
Disconnect from reality and you'll find
Subliminal happiness for your mind

I would like for you to know
That I bathed in open fears
I melted in a thousand suns
And someone stole my tears
But then I cried and tried
To make sure they'd hear
I've yet to start the wars
Or kill pioneers

(Repeat chorus)

Cruise the crews, greet my greed
Break my brakes, flee from fleas
Made them maids, phase the face
Hurts a hearse, stand and stand

Written April, 1999