Take Me Away

I wish I knew how you feel
You're too perfect to be real
I can't help but walk away
Everytime I see you, how can I say:

It's not too late for you to come down
And take me away to a place that I know
I'd like to be where you and me could be
Together for the rest of time
I know that what I need is for you
To need me like I need you 'cause the way
I feel can't be controlled any longer
I need to hear "I love you" before I die

I saw you with that other guy
I swear to God I saw you cry
Come be with me as one
More intense than the sun

You are all I want and need
You are all I want to see
I've never loved greater and I never will
As much as I try, my heart won't be still

Written August, 1997