'Tis Fair

The Queen killed the Rook
  With no blood on her hands;
He was reborn twice into
  Her mischievous plans.
The Rook lived shortly,
  And killed no one else;
And the Queen took the Rook,
  Or the Rook took himself?
The Rook thought to return,
  The Queen kindly declined;
And sought to seek out
  Pawns from his side.
But the pawns stayed away,
  They've no right in this game;
The Knight, black like Queen,
  Did not feel the Rook's pain!
The Knight helped the Queen
  To enemy detect;
And slowly but surely
  Moved in for the check.
But checkmate there was not,
  For there was no Lord:
Black Knight and black Queen,
  But on separate boards.