We're All One

I looked through the eyes of an eagle
As it soared through the clouds so high
All I could see when I looked at myself
Was a stranger that wanted to fly
When you try this hard to grow up
You don't see the world flying by
When I finally catch up to reality
Could you look up at me and smile?

It was your tears that shaped my body
It was your voice that moulded my mind
It was your heart that helped me grow up
'Cause you'd never leave me behind
Teach us to talk, we learned to argue
Teach us to walk, we leared to leave
Mother and Father I love you
You mean more than the world to me

I looked through the eyes of an eagle
As it sailed back home to its nest
Even when it gets the freedom it wants
It always needs home to rest
And when we leave to find ourselves
Know that when you call we will come
When we've left we won't be gone
We've grown 'cause we're all one

(Repeat chorus)

Note: this song is a song I wrote as a possible Graduation song for my class. It is about how parents help us grow up...