Your Sleeves Are Empty

There's a place in my heart
Where you know you are
I'm your puppet and you make me do
Like a man in the rain
I pray your weather will change
I was dumb but now I see the truth

I'm looking in the light
And all I see is night
I guess that's what I get for loving you
If I ever finished first
I'd just be at the start
I never left 'cause you were never through

You used me
You confused me
You abused me
I didn't mind

I'd be all that you wish
I had so much to give
And what I didn't I'd go out to find
I finally see your game
And I don't want to play
With your rules I have to be blind

Don't wanna make you sad
But I'm the guy you could've had
And now I know that you wish you'd kept me
Won't kick you on the ground
But I don't want you around
Maybe I'll take you when your sleeves are empty

(Repeat chorus)

You abused me
You abused me
You abused me
I hate you

Written May, 1999