"In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite. "
- Paul Dirac (1902-1984)

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned. "
- Paul Valery (1871-1945)

Everything incomplete.
A miscellany of random ideas, rhymings, and non-sensitries that have not yet come to anything near completetion.

The songs.

  • Bourbon Street
    A story about a girl I haven't met. She lives on the streets and as much as I try to save her from her life, she won't let herself be helped.
  • Your Sleeves Are Empty
    Another story about a girl, and this time she happens to be real. This is about how she took my good nature and abused it for her own needs.
  • Hero
    This is dedicated to my father, although I haven't told him yet.
  • Dreams
    This one is about a guy who thinks what everyone else thinks, does what everyone else does, and so forth.
  • Leave This Sleep Behind
    Three people with great futures who somehow manage to mess it up.
  • It Rains
    This was originally about a girl I thought I knew, but now it's become so much more to me.
  • Lois Lane
    This, too, was supposed to be about a girl I thought I knew. And it, too, was for a long time about that girl. Now, it's just a love song devoted to nobody in particular.
  • Supposed To Feel?
    Again, about my first 'hurdle' in life. Heh. It has no meaning to that any more, though.
  • Last Man Standing
    About the evils of technology.
  • My Placebo
    This song is in reminiscent of Kurt Cobain and has that whole 'Nevermind' feel to it. It's about media whores.
  • Doing Nothing Yet
    This one is about a girl that I never quite had the courage to talk to, but that's all well and good... we've actually became pretty close friends instead.
  • And I Fall
    This song is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain in the 'In Utero' era... it was written after listening to that album for the third consecutive time and I must have tried to cram every element I enjoyed about tha album into one piece.
  • Untitled
    A quite subtle romantic song.
  • Hoola Hoops & Yo Yo's
    Absolute gibberish and nonsense.
  • Credible Incredible
    About growing up, moving on, and the problems in-between.
  • At Your Hatred's Cost
    In the spirit of songs pointing out the evils in the world.
  • Under The Moon
    About how shyness often gets in the way of one's love life.
  • King Me
    A rock song in the spirit of Eric Clapton's 'Lonely Stranger' and James Taylor's 'Walking Man.'
  • Life Is Like War
    Everyone'll meet assholes in their life, and this is about the ones I met on a fateful Thanksgiving weekend party.
  • Are You Pretty Today?
    A girl I knew who was much too hard on herself. She's gotten past that stage in her life though, and now she's fantastic.
  • Fade
    About religion... it was so long ago that I don't remember any other notes I wanted to put on it.
  • We're All One
    This was written for my class's graduation. We never used it because I don't think I pushed it enough, but I still like it.
  • Makeshift World
    More problems in society. You know, for every song about the evils of society, there's hundreds more problems.
  • Take Me Away
    Another love song I wrote after Savage Garden's 'I Want You' came out. You can really tell, too.
  • Cumberland
    Random rhymes without much organization. Basically I just wanted to throw in as many celebrity references as possible without being obvious.
  • My Children
    Nothing you could ever hear could possibly rip off The Offspring more... except, perhaps, a lot of crap out there today. I would personally never use this song on any album I make.
  • Just Like You
    About something, but I'm not quite sure what.
  • fragments
    About nothing.
  • Hello, Man
    About something, but I've forgotten what.
  • Sacrifices
    A heavy metal song I don't like.
  • Fire
    Another heavy metal song I don't like.

The poems.

All are copyright Michael Lagace. Steal any portion and you shall will miraculously become penniless and homeless. Isn't law great?